NOTE:  You need to have a jist user account before you can see/use Collections. 

 When you're signed-in, you'll see the Collections bar on the right side of the screen.

1. Click on the plus(+) icon to open the Create New Collections window.

2. Enter a name for the collection.

3. Select whether it is a Private or Public collection.

        Private - A Private collection is only viewable to the you. (you'll see a closed lock icon in the lower right corner of the collection)

        Public - A Public collection is viewable to anyone using the website. (you'll see an open lock icon in the lower right corner of the collection)

4. Click on the Create button to make the collection.

5. The new collection will appear at the bottom of the list, above the Trashcan. In this example, we named our collection "Best Plays"

6. Build the collection by dragging and dropping a jist video boxes from a feed to the collection you want to drop it in.

7. Click on a collection to open it and see all the jists that collection.

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