, and a few other similar solutions capture a video of your game while you are playing. In order to use their service, you need to install their client on your PC. Some players like this option, others do not. 

With Jist you don't need to install anything, however, you do need your game replay file or game video if you've already captured it with another tool. We chose game replay files because they are small (usually 10-20MB) and are pretty easy to access for most games (not all games though, so we're working on solutions for games without replay files). 

Today for LoL or Dota2, you can enter your player information, match ID or upload your game replay file to us, usually takes under 30 seconds of your time. We take your replay file and we generate your FastPlay game video and automatic highlights. FastPlay videos blaze through the boring parts of the game and slow down at the highlight moments.